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Nikon D700: My Next Equipment Purchase

I have been looking at a new digital SLR camera for some time now. Since 2004, I’ve been enhancing my freelance writing with the Nikon D70, a 6 megapixel SLR that has served me well. I’ve gotten my photo work in everything from The Pentagon Channel to Chicago-area art galleries using the D70, but it’s time to step up.

Basically the differences between the D70 and the D700 won’t mean anything to you unless you’re already a photographer, but I can say that the Nikon D700 being capable of 12 megapixels and being much more sensitive to existing light than the D70 make it an attractive investment regardless of your experience level. It also features 51-point autofocus, a great fallback solution when you just don’t trust your eyes in that little viewfinder.

All that aside, if you are a complete photo noob, consider buying a D70 (or another comparable brand/model) first and learning your chops before moving up to the roughly $3000 D700. One thing new photographers won’t like about the D700–the 3K asking price is for the camera body ONLY. The D70 comes with a factory lens, the D700 does not. If you are looking to increase your freelance potential with photographs, the Nikon D70 is an affordable way to do it, but be warned–the D70 isn’t as forgiving in low light and you might be better off with a comparable Canon product in the same price range (around $800).

I am definitely investing in the D700 for many reasons, thanks to some informed advice and my own experience with the D70. Spend your money wisely, don’t just take my word for it, do your homework on web forums for photogs such as the incredible DPreview.com. That website is worth its weight in photo gold.