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Freelance Insider Trading

moneyI’ve been doing an informal temperature check on the state of the freelancing industry, just to see what 2010 might hold for us in terms of gigs, pay and treating water financially. I can’t reveal my sources, so this won’t sound as authoritative as it could, but for all intents and purposes this is the way I see the wind blowing for the next six months to a year.

One caveat-this is by no means scientific. It’s just my version of reading the tea leaves, but my own personal leading indicators give me reason to believe good things are happening. Continue reading Freelance Insider Trading

Trendspotting: The Key to Freelance Survival

freelance job survival

by Joe Wallace

What do the record industry and freelance writing have in common? There are many similarities (for better or worse) but one of the big ones is the need to spot trends as they happen and pounce on them before a golden opportunity becomes a missed opportunity.

In some cases writers have it easy–the established ones are paying close attention to trends in their niche topics and riding those trends to landing more articles and web content. I do a lot of finance writing, especially on topics in the housing industry. I trend spot simply by researching my latest round of blogs and articles–in the last year the phrases “Obama Mortgage” and “Hope for Homeowners” have found their way into my work with a frequency that surprised even me. But those articles sell and bring clicks. Following the news has made me a lot of money this year.

But that kind of trend spotting is a bit of a no-duh truism for many. What’s the “secret sauce” of trend spotting? Continue reading Trendspotting: The Key to Freelance Survival