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Stepping Stones: Going Global As A Freelance Writer

I just completed my first assignment for a magazine that is linked to a very high-end club–in Hong Kong. Guess what? I got the work through this blog. An editor found me, was able to connect with my website, review my experience, and then contacted me to request my services. This is not the first time that I have been “found” and approached. As a matter of fact, two of my biggest clients connected with me this way.

My “freelance world” keeps expanding, and as our economy wobbles, other countries continue to offer good pay. Plus, there is the prestige that comes with working for international clients. So how do you connect with these global markets? Continue reading Stepping Stones: Going Global As A Freelance Writer

Stepping Stones: Building A Web Presence Part I

I am of the firm opinion that every writer who has clips and a bit of experience should have a website of some kind. Joe and I talked about this as an idea for posts, because we both opted for different looks/styles and formats when it comes to our site. My website has a very clean, simple look. I wanted something classy that was easy to navigate and update. I spent time looking at how other writers had their sites set up and selected a very basic system. I have a bio, resume, section for info on my photography, contact info and a section that lists selected publication credits. I opted not to list all of my writing creds, as I think it begins to look messy.

One thing I decided to do that I’ve not seen elsewhere is to include testimonials from editors I have worked with. Continue reading Stepping Stones: Building A Web Presence Part I