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Comparing Bing To Google

by Catherine L. Tully

I just posted about Bing the other day. It’s a new search engine that is giving Google a run for the money. If you can’t decide which one you prefer, why not stack them up side-by-side and do a search. This site will allow you to do exactly that. Although either one can be a great asset for freelance writers, you may find you prefer one over the other once you compare. As for me? I’m still undecided…

Better Search With Bing?


by Catherine L. Tully

A year from now, if you want to search for something on the web, will you “Bing” it instead of “Google” it? The jury is still out on Bing, but I have tried it and I have to say…it’s good. Bing returned more hits on my name than Google, and it is very user-friendly. I don’t know that I am ready to make the leap to be a full-timer, but I’m going to keep it in my bag of tricks. Try it out and see what you think…