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Why I Became A Writer

by Catherine L. Tully

Editor, Catherine L. Tully
Editor, Catherine L. Tully

Today’s post is simply a sharing one…

I’d like to tell you why I became a writer. (And, I’d love to hear why you became, or are becoming a writer in the comments section.)

Ultimately, at the heart of things, I became a writer because I have always been one. When I was little, I came up with a “newspaper” called The Little Town Daily News. I don’t really remember what I wrote about, but I know that I put a lot of time into making copies, and I sold it for about .10 cents each–which, for back then, was not that cheap!

I’ve always been writing, whether it was in my journal or coming up with a newsletter for my childhood club. I’ve written stories, articles, nonsense, letters, cards and countless other things. Even if I weren’t getting paid for it, I’d probably still be writing in some capacity. (Luckily, I’ll never know for sure!)

Not everyone makes it in this business, but some people really do hang in and stand the test of time. My hunch is that almost every one of the tenacious ones that breaks through and does this for a living–or even part-time for some extra cash–is somewhat like me.

So…what is it dear reader? Have you always been a writer in some capacity–even if you have just been composing poetry in your head or writing song lyrics that never made it to paper?

Drop us a note here and tell us your story!


Tunes vs. No Tunes


OK–so what is your take on this topic? Do you listen to music when you write–or does it distract you? I’ve had music on the brain lately, so I was hoping people might ring in and let me know what works or doesn’t work for them….

I can’t listen to music with words when I am writing an article. I want to listen to the lyrics and enjoy the song. That said, I can listen to soft classical music in the background if it isn’t too rousing–but then–what’s the point? I listen to music when I am writing fiction (shh, I don’t talk about that much) or when I am e-mailing friends or on Facebook. Then it is a great inspiration, but when I’m working, the tunes stay off.

How about you?