Stuck For Freelance Writing Ideas?

freelance inspiration and writing museIf you’re stuck for ideas for a query or a set of articles, sometimes all you need is a jumpstart. Attach some jumper cables to your brain with a few of these ideas to get the creativity flowing freely.

Play a round of golf. The old joke says golf is an enjoyable walk spoiled by a little white ball.  Something about walking around all that greenery is inspirational, and if the game itself doesn’t grab you, try some people watching (and eavesdropping) and you’ll come up with something in no time.

Drink too much caffeine. That sudden rush is always good for a laugh at the very least, but more often than not your ideas will be exploding in your head.

Watch a talk show you violently disagree with. There is a certain something about watching people you perceive to be ill-informed buffoons going through their paces that gets the idea mill fired up all over again.

–If you can’t come up with anything to write or query about, try going over your old clips. Ignore David Bowie’s advice from his Diamond Dogs album, “Don’t live for last year’s capers.” Look at those old clips and see if you can do a follow-up, revisit a topic or a good old fashioned re-write for a different publication.

–Follow the example of Archimedes and take a bath. It worked for him.

–Watch the news. You’re sure to find some inspiration in current events.

–Walk away from the keyboard for the rest of the day. Come back tomorrow and start fresh. Sometimes that’s the only way to go.

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