YOU Bring the Snark

by Joe Wallace

It has been said that I am far too snarky for my own good. With that in mind, I ask YOU to give the feedback about this video presentation about freelance writing, titled Freelance Writing Business: 10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Sales in a Recession? Does this freelance writing video clip do the job well? Does it represent the website it advertises with skill or does it leave you wondering where the punchline is?

Take note–we did NOT produce this. We present this for your edification and commentary. You tell US what this video is up to and whether or not it makes the grade. I can’t be responsible for any accidents involving beverages squirting out your nose, so consider yourself warned.

3 thoughts on “YOU Bring the Snark”

  1. I wonder about the producer’s choice to use a robot as a narrator. And, is this one of the new flesh eating robots we’re hearing so much about recently?

    That said, I don’t speak binary, so I got nothing out of this.

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