Better Search With Bing?


by Catherine L. Tully

A year from now, if you want to search for something on the web, will you “Bing” it instead of “Google” it? The jury is still out on Bing, but I have tried it and I have to say…it’s good. Bing returned more hits on my name than Google, and it is very user-friendly. I don’t know that I am ready to make the leap to be a full-timer, but I’m going to keep it in my bag of tricks. Try it out and see what you think…

One thought on “Better Search With Bing?”

  1. I’ve tried it and found it to be more accurate in some instances (like you, it also returned more hits on my name). Maybe they’re halfway to being the next Google simply by having a silly name like Bing! I can’t help but think of Chandler in “Friends” every time I see the name…

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