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Freelance Writing Jobs for Thursday September 10 2009

get freelance jobsThe never-ending quest for more freelance jobs and jobs for writers continues. A creative staffing agency seeks a freelance medical writer for telecommute work for oncology and hematology topics. Don’t apply if you aren’t able to write in depth about those–this one’s not for the inexperienced.

The American Association of University Women seeks a writer who can do articles and marketing materials. This is a freelance position but you’ll be plenty busy–the list of projects they want you to work on is quite extensive. Send them your resume, cover letter, writing samples and references to has positions open for freelance writers who can write web content and SEO. This is a good opening for a new freelancer developing their SEO content skills and the pay is commensurate with that experience level.

A Houston-based online news group seeks freelance reporters for community reporting. Pay is listed as “competitive” and you’ll have to do local and suburban news topics–drop an e-mail to and include at least three writing samples.

Writer Jobs for Tuesday September 8 2009

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Here are the latest writing jobs…brace yourself for tons of specialty writing. What’s that? You aren’t specializing yet? Maybe this list will change your mind…

KForce Staffing wants a technical writer to apply for a Pittsburg, PA gig. Best advice when applying for a writing gig through a staffing agency–ask up front whether there is any kind of fee you must pay for landing the gig. Some agencies charge you, some don’t. Ask first.

EmployedOnline advertises a position for a cell phone writer/reviewer. This one is morning hours only and involves looking for headlines on cell phone topics. You may also have a chance to cover trade shows and industry conventions.
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Writing Jobs for Wednesday September 2, 2009

get freelance jobsWhat recession? Northrup Gruman is apparently out to hire ALL the writers. Look at this massive list of writing jobs they advertise–openings in locations from San Antonio, TX to San Diego CA. There are a lot of technical writer jobs listed here, so if tech writing is your thing, here’s how you’ll spend a nice chunk of your day.

Denver TV station KMGH wants a writer who is also a skilled tape editor to put news packages together for its reporters in Denver. You’ll be writing scripts for broadcast.

Hearst seeks a freelance editor for This is a true editor position–you’ll manage junior writers and be responsible for site content each month. Drop your resume to They need somebody ASAP and you must have three to five years of content management experience. wants feature writers who know AP style like the back of their hand. Drop your resume, clips and story ideas to

Financial Times Group needs finance writers for Drop a resume on them with relevant clips, and be ready to talk about your two years of finance writing experience and a love for breaking news. Contact

Writer Jobs Monday August 31 2009

get freelance jobsby Joe Wallace

I can not stop laughing at the call for a writer I found this morning with a list of required skills which included English, spelling, and “grammer”. I realize full well this makes me a bad person. So be it.

If you live in Iowa, want to write scripts and can run a pro-grade video camera, there’s a job waiting for you in Omaha. I have a sneaking suspicion–but no proof–that this is a civilian contractor job at Offut Air Force Base, but I could be dead wrong on that score. But if it IS such a gig, there is seriously decent money to be made.

Medimmune seeks a big league phara/medical writer for a position in Gathersburg, MD. This requires some heavy credentials so it’s not for the generalist writer. Got post-grad in medicine or pharma? This is the gig for you.

A Canadian tourism site run by Niche Media Solutions needs a expat living in Canada to write tourism pieces for a full or part time freelance gig. Base pay is $1000 a month. Drop them a line with your resume plus some detailed background information and how it relates to the job. Send all info to

And finally a bi-monthly Texas magazine seeks freelancers living within 100 miles of Austin for features, travel and food pieces and much more. Pay for this one is up to $500 based on word count but the ad stresses you must live within the specified distance or don’t bother applying.

Writing Jobs For Friday August 28 2009

freelance writingToday’s writing jobs include a writing gig that would make Jared proud. Yes, you too can apply for the rare writer job advertised by Subway.

This writing position is at Subway World Headquarters (sounds a bit like a villain’s hideout on a 007 film, doesn’t it?) and requires relocation–no telecommutes allowed. This isn’t a glorified white paper writing gig, Subway wants an actual writer to create articles, newsletters, etc. When you follow that link, scroll down til you find the Executive category and you’re there.

If you can’t stand the smell of baking bread, maybe you want one of the bizillions of writing and editing jobs advertised by Time Warner. Scroll through their extensive listing of brand new writing and editing gigs including Supervising Editor for CNN, and writers for HLN Dayside.

The headhunting firm KL Anderson is looking for a medical writer. If you have a PhD in medicine, chances are you’re probably not reading this, but just in case, have a look at the gig and you’ll find a nice opprotunity to write for a living. I mention this gig because KL Anderson, in all likelihood, needs other qualified medical writers with or without a doctorate, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. needs finance writers for a variety of freelance gigs, and also advertises a finance writing gig. Lots of freelance jobs lately for anybody skilled in finance stuff….

A Secret Source For More Freelance Work Between Gigs

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by Joe Wallace

A good post at FreelanceWritingGigs offers some advice on how to scoop up some extra freelance writing jobs when you are between gigs. But there’s a little secret you might not find mentioned in other posts that could put you in a completely different place financially when you find those freelance projects scarce in your favorite places.

I’m talking about signing up for creative temp agencies like Artisan, or FILTER. These agencies are often regional–Artisan serves a select group of major cities only, for example. They are also highly selective in some cases, but for those who make the cut, the pay can be phenomenal.
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