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Writing Jobs for Thursday September 24 2009

get freelance jobsTime for another round of hand-selected freelance jobs and full-time opportunities for writers. As always, we personally comb through these positions and while we don’t catch every great freelance job lead that comes along, we do manage to snag a good variety of interesting gigs. If you have a freelance job to post, why not get in touch?

Just a friendly word of warning–we don’t post job ads for online survey takers or people hiring ghost writers for topics like payday loans or other bad-for-consumer products–if we know about that stuff up front, we don’t run the job listing.

Universal Media Group needs a freelance writer for a temp contract gig writing music-related trivial questions for a mobile quiz game. This gig is via JobFox and could turn into a half-year writing opportunity for some music-obsessive writer.

An unnamed company seeks a ghost writer who can polish up rough drafts. This one’s a bit mysterious–they have topics that range wildly–the music industry, networking, trade magazine topics. Stranger still, you’ve got to ring 310-422-2112 extension one, and ask for Cara rather than submit a resume or fill out an online application form. We’ll be calling that number later in the day to see just what the fuss is about simply to satisfy our own curiosity. Continue reading Writing Jobs for Thursday September 24 2009

Submissions Wanted: The Freelance Job Site Honor Roll

freelance job survival

by Joe Wallace

The search for freelance jobs is never easy, and those who search for them by hand don’t have an easy time of it. I’ve been on the warpath in the last few months about hand-picked freelance jobs, and it dawned on me today that there really ought to be some kind of central list of hardworking bloggers and webmasters who offer hand selected freelance jobs instead of letting software do the scrapin’.

So I make it official–Freelance-Zone is compiling an honor roll of freelance writing sites that regularly offer personally selected freelance jobs (at least one post of freelance jobs per week). Submit your own site or someone else’s to the Freelance-Zone Scraper Free Honor Roll with HONOR ROLL in the subject line. You should know there’s a fun little incentive for doing this–we’re sending the owners of the top three submissions we like best a great prize—the top three on our Honor Roll get a Starbucks gift card for being so damn cool. How much will be loaded on it? $10? $10,000? We aren’t telling.

It’s not enough to say thanks for working against the grain with your hand-picked freelance job selections, we want to pump you full of coffee, too! We haven’t settled on an end date for this, but it will be a quick one–within the next few days we’ll post a reminder about this and let you know when the final day for submissions will be–in the meantime, send your nomination with HONOR ROLL in your subject line to

Remember, the criteria for submission is simple–your blog must post at least one collection of freelance jobs per week, and they must be hand-picked. That’s all! Be sure to include a mailing address where we can send your Starbucks prize if you make it into our top three.

Writing Jobs for Monday, September 21 2009

get freelance jobsIt’s time for another round of hand-picked writer and freelance writing jobs. Let those other sites scrape Craigslist, they’re doing a great job. We prefer to bring you our picks based on something more discriminating. We don’t always catch the goofy ones– sometimes a clown company slips under our radar and we thank you for pointing out when we’re found what looks like a promising freelance job that turns out to be something less than what it promises. Together, we’ll find the GOOD gigs. As always, thanks for reading.

There are lots of higher education writing gigs available lately. Want to go back to academia? Columbia University in New York needs a writer/researcher. You need a Bachelor’s and a background in PR or news writing. You’ll be working in the office of Columbia U’s president and there’s a lot of internal communication mentioned for this position. Apply online at Columbia via their Human Resources page.

St. John’s University needs a writer for the Office of Communications, Division of Institutional Advancement in Queens, NY. You’ll write for St. John’s University Magazine, plus internal communication, advertisements and create content for the St. John’s University Alumni and Friends official site, among other things.
Continue reading Writing Jobs for Monday, September 21 2009

Freelance Jobs for Wednesday September 16 2009

get freelance jobsWriting jobs are all over the map in this edition, but there’s something sure to bring a smile to at least some gig-seeking freelancers.

In spite of this job ad being shameless sign-up bait for, it does sound pretty tasty for the right applicant. Brandstar Entertainment needs a writer who can work on a high-level television program to be aired on the Lifetime network. Got television writing experience? This is for you, especially if you already live near Pompano Beach, FL. advertises a gig for a writer for VSA Partners–they seek someone who can do client communication writing–but this job is not about writing ad copy.

A Humble, Texas company seeks a telecommute copywriter. E-commerce, online or print catalog experience preferred. To apply, send samples, links to published work and a link to your online resume to Continue reading Freelance Jobs for Wednesday September 16 2009

Finding Leads for New Freelancers


by Carol Sponagle

If you’re just getting started in the freelance market, you already know how hard it can be to find freelance jobs. In the beginning, any work that pays can seem like good work. Experienced professional freelancers will tell you they’ve written blogs, articles, and books on a variety of topics, because you don’t make money being choosy.

Once you get rolling and you find publishers who call again and again, you might start to feel like you should be more discriminating. After all, why write about pets and motor homes when you really want to write about music?  Continue reading Finding Leads for New Freelancers

How to Make Money Writing Freelance Advice E-Books


by Joe Wallace

So you want to write an e-book about freelance writing, eh? Many have tried their hand at e-books in every type of topic. I’ve read plenty of them–how to break into specific niche markets as a writer, DJ, how to win at the stock market, how to do this and that…in almost every case these e-books fall flat in one major area.

Almost without exception, every e-book I have read fails in the most important area–giving SPECIFIC ADVICE. The way to make money writing e-books is to guide your reader in specific, detailed ways. Don’t presume to teach someone how to do something without actually teaching them how to do it.

It’s simply not enough to say “create a marketing plan and sell yourself as a writer” in your e-book. No DUH. It’s also not enough to tell someone “Consult a tax expert to make sure you don’t get screwed at tax time.” There’s no value in that “advice” since the reader is still left wondering about important questions–and many times the author has sold the book on the strength of answering those questions.

Instead, you need to spell out in specific detail WHAT to do. “Create a marketing plan by doing X, Y, and Z” is what you need to write. “Ask a tax expert to explain the difference between your personal tax deductions and your business expense deductions, and when you are allowed to take each and when.” Failure to give specific advice leaves your reader feeling cheated, like they bought into your ad hype but found the author unable to deliver. Continue reading How to Make Money Writing Freelance Advice E-Books