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Office Star SPACE Collection


Once upon a time I worked as an editor in an office that used these Office Star 5500 chairs. I was skeptical at first–that mesh back didn’t look sturdy enough at first glance…but I’m happy to say I was wrong about this office chair. I spent many months in one of these and would be happy to spend many more–I just wish quality office furniture wasn’t as pricey as buying a decent printer! The fact you can write these purchases off is a major saving grace when it comes to pimping out your home office.

I’m very tempted to replace my not-so-old current model in favor of this one, for several reasons. The one-touch seat height adjustment is a plus, and the adjustable tilt and lumbar support are good, too. I have a big carpet remnant underneath my desk and the oversized wheels on the Office Star 5500 come in handy for use on non-tiled or hardwood surfaces.

Buy the Office Star 5500 Office Chair for $145.00