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Sell Your Book on Amazon.com

sell-your-book-on-amazon.jpgBrett Sampson tells all. This book is about how to get listed on Amazon, how to promote your book and increase sales. We borrow a quote from Sampson’s Sell Your Book on Amazon product page:

“Penny C. Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts says, “Finally! A book that helps you demystify Amazon. If you have a book to sell, you simply must own Sell Your Book on Amazon.

The marketing copy for this also claims to help you “beat Amazon at their own game”, and learn how to create “virtuous circles” (as opposed to vicious cycles, I’m guessing). While I’m no fan of breathless marketing hyperbole, I have to say that any book which helps a writer properly value their work and assign a reasonable price should be worth a read. Sell Your Book on Amazon has all the right chapters, and according to the author himself, this does NOT tell you how to get on the bestseller list. Instead, it offers strategies to help your book do well over the long term. If you’re a believer in Chris Anderson’s Long Tail concept, this book should appeal.

In short, not a bad way to spend $14.95 if you have a book ready for the world, or very nearly so.

Sell Your Book on Amazon sells for $14.95

Not Getting Paid?

Months ago, I wrote a piece on what to do if you aren’t getting paid. I listed a lot of things you can do to try and light a fire under a client to get those paychecks coming, but one thing I didn’t address is circumstancial issues. I recently attended a writer’s meeting for one of my freelance clients where I learned that someone’s trip to the hospital was the source of a major delay in payment for anyone not on direct deposit (read-the whole freelance staff).

It’s easy to forget that even successful clients often have to rely on a single person for critical services such as accounting and payments, IT support or working directly with a team of freelancers. When you don’t deal with the company except to write and send invoices you can miss how the inner workings break down because of vacations, illness, or company upheaval. One of my clients hired me on before the company was a legal entity, resulting in a serious delay in compensation because there were literally no funds from the new company available to pay. Continue reading Not Getting Paid?