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Writer In Progress

Beth Morrow’s Writer In Progress blog tagline makes it clear she has the same attitude as Freelance-Zone, but Beth is MUCH nicer about it. I can’t remember if we’ve covered Beth’s work before and I’m too busy to search through the archives (read: too lazy). Regardless, I am really enjoying the site. Especially the links section as I am constantly on the prowl for new writer sites to look at. My favorite part of a list of links as extensive as Beth’s is rediscovering sites I looked at earlier in the year, then forgot all about as looming deadlines obscure all else.

One aspect of Writer In Progress that caught my eye is a little widget on her page from Feedjit. This displays the activity of visitors to her site in real time. I know I’m too busy to keep up with all the improvements and new developments in blogging tech, but that one surprised me enough to think I should keep more regular tabs on the geekier side of blogging so I can add a few new bells & whistles of my own. Cheers to Beth for prodding me to take a more active interest in page design.

Writer In Progress is definitely worth a look. Drop by and stay a while..