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Writers And Calories

writers and caloriesby Catherine L. Tully

Being a writer means you sit a lot. Sitting a lot means you can’t eat a lot. If you do, you’ll gain weight. It’s just the way it goes. Contrary to popular belief, calories in and calories out are the two main things to think about when you battle the pounds that want to creep up on your writer’s body. The good news? You can fight it. The bad news? It takes some work. Here are a few suggestions for you that can help:

+ Don’t use up calories on beverages. Drink water, sparkling water, coffee, tea (no sugar) or something like that. Pop and juice add big time calories.

+ Keep low-cal snacks handy. Don’t buy junk food–you’ll eat it. Instead, get things such as fruit, veggies and low-fat yogurt to snack on. String cheese isn’t bad either. And don’t snack mindlessly. It’s easy to put away a lot of food if you are just eating while writing. If you’re going to snack, stop writing, eat, then go back to it. Continue reading Writers And Calories