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New Travel Writing Market: Overnight Buses Travel Magazine

by Catherine L. Tully

ONB_Issue_1_CoverToday I’d like to share a new travel writing market with you–it looks intriguing!

Overnight Buses Travel Magazine is a new magazine for the iPad currently accepting submissions for the second issue. The first issue is already in the App Store and can be downloaded for free so you can take a peek and see what the writing style is like.

The current pay rate is between $250 and $350 (U.S. Dollars), depending on quality and length. They are looking for longer travel stories, preferably between 1000 to 5000 words, and the main focus is personal essays and travel narratives with the occasional book excerpt thrown in. They don’t publish guides, recommendations or accept queries; authors should send final manuscripts only.

Guidelines can be found on the website at and submissions can be sent directly to (Tom) at submissions (at) overnightbuses.com.

Writers Groups By State On Freelance-Zone

New Jersey Writers Groupsby Catherine L. Tully

Well we’ve taken on a few ambitious projects lately–one of which we’d appreciate your help with. Freelance-Zone is attempting to put together the monster list of all the writers groups by state that we can find. Naturally, this is a bit of a challenge. There are tons of groups out there…some small, some large. We’d like to include them all!

That’s where you come in. If you have a minute to check out your state and let us know if we’ve missed a group — we’d really appreciate it! Just send an e-mail with the info (Group name, state, web addy and a short description) to editor (at) freelance-zone.com and we’ll load it up. If we haven’t gotten to your state yet–keep an eye out–we will soon…

In the coming months there will be some other new resources added to the site, so keep your eye out for fresh content. Aspiring travel writers might want to take a peek at our new “travel” tab, which will be updated frequently with information you can use to learn more, find work and get published.

Hardcore Travel Secrets for New Travel Writers

airplanes suckby Joe Wallace

Not to brag, but I am a hard core traveler. A road warrior. I balance a laptop in one hand and a map in the other. I believe it’s important to establish some cred here since lately it seems I keep running across “resources for writers” that turn out to be written by people who haven’t actually done that much writing–except for other writers. So in the words of Mick Jagger, please allow me to introduce myself (except I’m not the devil.)

I have been in the jungles of Honduras, the snowy wastelands of Iceland, and in the non-stop streets of Tokyo. I’ve been to 40 of the 50 states and I’ve flown in every type of aircraft except hang gliders, box kites and the space shuttle. I’ve written stories about Japan’s air force, Korea’s tea districts, and anti-terrorism training in Iceland. You could call me…slightly experienced.

With all that, I’ve learned a few tricks about travel–stuff every new travel writer (or traveling writer, for that matter) should know. For example–I discovered in Germany that my MacBook Pro would work just fine when plugged directly into the German wall socket. It did NOT blow up or get fried. Why? Because the transformer in the power supply was built well. I can’t say whether or not my Gateway would fare the same–I don’t trust the power supply on that one. Continue reading Hardcore Travel Secrets for New Travel Writers

A Better Search = Time Saved


by Catherine L. Tully

If you learn how to maximize your search efforts on Google, you will ultimately streamline your research time. This means time saved–something every freelance writer can get excited about. How do you learn how to search effectively? There are some great tips to be had, if you dig a little bit… Continue reading A Better Search = Time Saved

Packing Tips For Travel Writers


This is a great site, and if you are doing any travel writing in the near future, I highly recommend checking it out. Author Doug Dyment gives tons of tips for packing light, and they are quite good–although I take issue with his suggestion that rolling clothing causes wrinkles…but then again, I don’t ever pack fancy clothes, so… 

Here you’ll find things such as tips for packing liquids, how to choose a good bag and suggestions for what to bring–and what to leave at home. Bookmark this site for future reference, it’s a good one!