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What’s in Your iPod? The Belmondos


Very few of my fellow freelance writing bloggers out there are bothering to mention anything about what they use to keep the inspiration and motivation to write going; I thought I’d try to start a mini-fad among the freelancer blog community with a little series of posts I’m calling “What’s In Your iPod?”

I was inspired to do this after getting obsessed to the point of ridiculousness by this group that’s been making the rounds on Sirius satellite radio, The Belmondos. The single, Awesome Rumble, played on my iPod no less than six times in a row this morning as I edited content and compiled material for an e-commerce newsletter. Now that I can’t stop listening to them, I pass them along to YOU.

Chances are I am the only person in the room geeked enough to like a band for no other reason than they named themselves after a French  New Wave/noir movie star (Jean-Paul Belmondo), but I really took a liking to this one over the holidays thanks to Sirius radio. You can check out the Awesome Rumble single here or preview three tracks from the album here.