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Freelance Resource: Sage Spark

Today we have some information to share about a tool for freelance writers—Sage Spark. Peter Liao, the Director of Product Management for the company has answered some questions for Freelance-Zone.com readers about this resource here for you:

1. What is Sage Spark? 

Sage Spark is a centralized community resource for users to meet, learn and communicate best business practices. It contains content on running various aspects of your business with content driven from the Wall Street Journal, Business.com and expert bloggers. It contains free business templates on managing cash flow, projections, sales activities, and more.

2. Why is Sage Spark a good resource for freelancers and small business owners?

It’s a free resource that provides users with content specific to running their business.


3. What are some of the central features of Sage Spark that might appeal to freelancers?

Financial templates to help manage their day-to-day business, paid services to help manage their business and focus on what they do best, as well as free, valuable content to help them grow and succeed.

4. How much does this cost?

Content and access to Sage Spark is free. Subscription services are available at a cost.

5. Where can readers find more information on Sage Spark?

Users can visit www.sagespark.com.

Sage Spark is a new Freelance-Zone.com sponsor. We welcome them to these pages and invite you to check out their services. Freelance-Zone.com is selective about our clients and sponsors, learn more about our transparency policy and how we evaluate potential clients and advertisers.