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Your opinion wanted for Freelance Forecast

What's in *your* freelancing future?
What's in *your* freelancing future?

The Freelance Forecast 2011 surveys are uploaded & ready for your opinions on best practices, motivations and expectations. As in past years, there are two different surveys:

If you are a freelancer who also uses freelancers, you’re welcome to take both surveys.

Now, can we ask you a favor? If each freelancer encourages *one* client to participate, it would make the client-side survey even more valuable. The goal of Freelance Forecast is to publish fresh data about the state of the market and to help understand the good, bad and ugly of relationships between creative freelancers and clients. The more participants, the better it is for everyone’s business.

The results will be published in January, and once again, all participants will be put into a drawing for a $100 gift card. Thanks in advance for participating and sharing the links through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and wherever else freelancers and clients might lurk.

P.S. You can download results from 2009 and 2010 over here.

Photo by Ruxandra Moldoveanu.

Get In On The Freelance Forecast For 2010

freelance_forecast_surveyby Catherine L. Tully

Everybody should do this. Seriously.

Fellow writer Jake Poinier has a survey out that will allow him to compile data for the 2010 Freelance Forecast–Boomvang Creative Group’s second annual survey of creative freelancers and the clients who hire them. This is a great resource, and if you fill the form out, you’ll not only be helping clients understand writers better, but you’ll also be entered into a drawing for a $100 iTunes or STAPLES gift card.

Not bad! (And if you can get a client to take the survey, you’ll have good karma. Jake says so. I have asked several of mine to participate….good karma is mine!)