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Sarah Skerrett on Personal Branding

Yes, we should be at the end of our technical problems today (with a little luck) and Sarah will be posting under her own login soon. In the meantime, check out her take on personal branding…she indirectly raises an issue I’ll have a go at in my own editorial next week–the value of using content sites such as Associated Content to raise your Google clout, as opposed to the dubious practice using it to build a list of writing credits. I got the idea after following the link Sara provides in the article, so cheers to both her and Tina Samules for inspiring more content on FZ! In the meantime, check out Sarah Skerrett on Personal Branding. Once again, welcome aboard, Sarah…

The most challenging personal aspect of securing freelance projects is tooting your own horn. There is a fine line between honest self-promotion with the intention of highlighting your credentials and sounding like a pompous, know-it-all jerk who can do anything. There is also a fine line between taking a long shot on a project because you think you have the aptitude and knowledge to complete it successfully and wasting a client’s time because you think you can “quickly acquire” technical terminology needed for an HVAC manual for a heating and air company. Continue reading Sarah Skerrett on Personal Branding

Introducing Sarah Skerrett

skerrett1.jpgSome of our FZ readers know we’ve been at this for a while now…since 2002 we’ve been busily scribbling away on this site, writing about the writing life, but today is a first for us. I’m very happy to introduce our first new and permanent member of the Freelance Zone team, Sarah Skerrett.

I say “permanent” as in, not a guest blogger or featured article writer. She’s now one of us and will be sharing the benefit of her years in publishing and her experiences now as a full-time freelance writer. Her background includes pop culture/entertainment blogging, resume consulting, and currently Sarah’s developing her own celebrity gossip site with a Midwestern emphasis. She divides her time between writing, editing, and consulting projects. I’ll let Sarah properly introduce herself:

“As a freelancer without the years on my side, developing an identity based on my work thus far can feel quite daunting. I’m pleased to join Freelance Zone as a rookie freelancer, having worked publishing for six years, and will be posting about my own experiences embarking on a full-time freelance career. Immediate areas of discussion include navigating the freelance lifestyle while monitoring the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the life. Feel free to contact me with comments, questions, or projects via email, sarahskerrett [at] hotmail [dot] [com].”

I’m happy to welcome Sarah to the Freelance-Zone.com team. Please take a moment to welcome her and say hello! I look forward to her posts in the weeks to come!