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What Freelancers Can Learn From The Daily Beast


By Joe Wallace

The Daily Beast ran a fasciating little piece entitled, “How MySpace Blew It” with the accompanying AP photo of Rupert Murdoch, who can’t seem to get a break these days. That’s due in part because the old guard seems almost genetically inclined to get new media wrong even when they try to embrace it.

Remember when MySpace seemed unstoppable? That was, of course, before all those goofy ads of people on webcams with low-cut halter tops bending over suggestively and nonstop barrages of other intrusive ads. Once upon a time, a writer without MySpace was deemed to be hopelessly married to old-school PR.

Today, MySpace isn’t good for much unless you have a band, and some are questioning even that usefulness. Continue reading What Freelancers Can Learn From The Daily Beast