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The Query Process: Ideas



Here’s the question: Which do you do first….develop an idea for a query or find a publication then brainstorm ideas? The answer is…it depends.

I’ve done both of these in my time as a freelance writer, and they both work. The key is deciding on which approach you are going to use ahead of time. The query process can easily deteriorate into an unorganized mess if you don’t go in with a solid plan in the first place.

If you have an idea, you can look through market listings in search of a possible match. This can be effective, but it is important not to overdevelop the idea before you have a few specific mags or markets in mind. Remember that you must match your idea to their format, which can take a little tweaking.

If you are going with the publication first, study the material they publish. Do they use lists? How-to pieces? Essays? What sort of topics do they cover, and do you have an interest in any of them? This approach can work well too, if you bring the right mindset with it.

Try it out and see what you think. Pick an article idea and then go in search of a suitable magazine–or find a publication and try and come up with an idea for it. It may seem like a small detail, but it is one that can give you a more organized approach to the query process.

Print Ain’t Dead Yet


I have to say that there is a post that I really enjoyed on Mr. Magazine’s Blog. (And if you haven’t yet seen his site, bookmark it–it’s excellent.) The post is basically talking about the fact that print is not yet dead, and still has the chance to re-invent itself and remain viable. Since I am of the same mind, of course I liked it!

Personally I am one of those people…you know…the ones who like to feel a magazine in their hand and flip the pages without pressing a button. I still subscribe to magazines, still read books and still love the print portion of the industry. And while I’m an insane fan of the web, I despise reading anything other than tidbits on it. (Don’t worry, I print using draft quality and then use the sheets for scrap paper or print on the other side. I’m actually a big fan of trees and such. My eyes just won’t hold up to too much online scanning. After all, I am 40.)

If you get the chance, give this post a read.

Better yet, subscribe to a publication that you enjoy this year.