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Previously Featured On Oprah: Grammar Girl


I can’t say enough about Grammar Girl. I stumbled across her podcast when I first got my iPhone and really enjoyed it. Every single writer out there can always use a little help when it comes to grammar, and this resource provides quick, easy bites of it that are not only useful, but clever. She has been featured on Oprah, in the New York Times and other major publications. Check out her site and brush up on your grammar–and while you are there, sign up for her “tip of the day”.

Introducing the Freelance-Zone.com Podcast

It’s official–Freelance-Zone.com has joined the podcasting fray. This is our first episode, so we thought we would introduce ourselves and give a bit of background on who we are and how we got into the biz. It’s a bit basic, but since it’s Episode #1, we wanted to keep it simple, iron out any bugs, and get a bit more elaborate over time. Eventually we’ll branch out into video episodes, since there actually are things we do better in the visual medium–especially when it comes to improving your work with photographs, troubleshooting computer problems, even some grammar and sentence construction issues. We’re excited about this next step, and we’re looking forward to longer and more entertaining episodes in the months to come.

Click the icon below (the “play” button, not the speaker icon) to listen to the Freelance-Zone.com Podcast, Episode One.