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Freelancing Horror Stories Contest–Win A $10 Prize!

Copyright 2008, Catherine L. Tully
Copyright 2008, Catherine L. Tully

OK writers–here’s a chance to earn a prize–just for telling your own freelancing horror story…

Jake Poinier posted all the info you need to enter at Freelance Writerville II on Ning, but you have to hurry–the entries will only be accepted until midnight on Halloween. Read Jake’s nightmarish story on his blog, and while you are there, have a look around…he has some great stuff on there. One of the few blogs I read…
I have too many to share and not enough time to write them up, but I’ll be checking in to see what horrible story wins the grand prize!

Social Networking With Ning


Have you heard of Ning? It is the latest thing to hit the social networking field, and it has a different twist. Centered around common interests, this site fills a unique niche and is catching on quickly. CNN reported that Ning has had 4.7 million unique visitors since January. If you are interested in social networking, this is a good site to check out. There are plenty of groups centered around writing and it is easy to find one you like.