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The New MacBook & MacBook Pro


Well folks, here it is–the new 13-inch MacBook.¬†Unfortunately, those of you who were expecting the $800 model will be disappointed. The price tag? $1,299. Still, take a good look at this baby and the specs. It might be worth it if you love Macs. The 15-inch MacBook Pro rings in at $1999.

I’m not a rabid Mac lover–hate the keyboard, among other things. Still this model is a beauty. If only it were a little less pricey…ahh, but it wasn’t to be!

Apple Macbook 13.3 Inch

macbook.jpgI am not a Mac evangelist, but I do own one and love it MUCH more than my PC machines. I have used this model, the Macbook 13.3 inch and strongly recommend it for any Mac newbie curious about making the switch.

This model, originally a $1300 model on Amazon.com, is currently selling for approx. $1205 at press time. Pricey for a laptop? You can own a $700 Gateway, but for my money, the Macbook is far more reliable and stable. Why spend the extra money? I’ll tell you why I did:

When I was managing editor for the media-intensive web daily Gearwire.com, I went to about five trade shows a year, interviewing musicians and doing video demos of new musical gear such as compressors, mic preamps, recording software, and other great musician toys.

My video crew used Macs non-stop for days. Two Macbooks were used round the clock for three solid days for editing, rendering and exporting video clips. Imagine your PC actively working for 72 hours virutally non-stop. It just wouldn’t happen without at least one freeze, glitch, crash or general PC-related weirdness. With the Mac, those 72 hours were flawless.

You don’t need to be a power user to own one of these Macbooks. In fact, I tell power users to go with the MacBook Pro instead. For most writers, this Apple Macbook 13.3 inch, with its 2.4 GhZ dual processor, 2 gigs of RAM and 160 gigabyte hard drive is more than plenty. This is a durable, long-lasting machine that served this writer well for over a year of abuse (before I left the company to go full-time freelance). I’m a Macbook Pro owner now, and I am preparing to sink large dollars into the top-of-the-line model so I can indulge my music and video side with a variety of projects which require the extra juice, but you can’t go wrong with the model pictured above for writing.

Offi Modern Laptop Desk


Ever hear that horror story about the guy who was working on his MacBook Pro in bed? Apparently the Mac got so hot that it ignited the mattress!

Whether or not it actually happened, it does make you think about all that heat…laptops do get awfully warm on the legs at times. This laptop desk by Offi is great for writing in bed, on a rug by the television, even in a beanbag chair. It keeps the machine–and the heat–¬†off your body and provides a nice, stable platform for typing.

That arm on the side is great for a cup of coffee or tea, and the whole thing can also double as a handy breakfast-in-bed tray. We love any design created for the insomniac writer who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of the bed. Keep this and your laptop in your snooze room and you’ll always be able to send out a quick query from that warm bed.

Buy the Offi Laptop Desk for $189.00