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Dave Barry’s “Year In Review”


First of all, thanks to Jennifer Layton for reminding me about this……..

If you want to read an entertaining piece of writing, check out Dave Barry’s “Year In Review” for 2008. Being funny in print is an art that this man has mastered over the span of his career. If you are looking to do the same, don’t miss his round up of amusing stories and highlights from the year. Get it while it’s hot…..don’t know how long this link will take you there……….

Jennifer Layton: Publishing Your Book, Part II

Here is the second half of Jennifer Layton’s guest post about publishing her book……….enjoy! If you haven’t read part one yet, just scroll down to the next post to see where we left off…….


I don’t remember exactly when CreateSpace came into the picture.  I had been looking at some really good companies such as iUniverse.  But I didn’t have much money to put up front, and I didn’t want to handle the inventory.  My apartment is small enough without boxes of books everywhere that I have to sell myself. 


Then I was buying a birthday present for someone on Amazon, and I found a link that said, “Self-Publish With Us.”  I clicked on it and was amazed to discover that Amazon has two companies to help indie musicians, filmmakers, and writers like me:  CreateSpace and BookSurge.  After some research, I chose CreateSpace.

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Jennifer Layton: Publishing Your Book, Part I

Well readers….as promised….part one of Jennifer Layton’s guest blog on publishing her book….enjoy! Tune in tomorrow for part two and more juicy details….

How to Deliver Your Own Baby

(In other words, how to self-publish your own book)

by Jennifer Layton


Before we get started, let me share a blog entry.  This is what I posted on the evening of October 17, 2008:


I did not expect to have a baby tonight. But at 5:30pm, I stopped by the post office after work, and Trap Door Confessional was in my arms. She is perfect. And this is where the baby analogy ends because I’m about to talk about putting it up for sale on the internet, and that’s kinda creepy.


Trap Door Confessional is my collection of humor essays about being single, turning 40, and just exactly how weird I am.  It really is my baby.  Since I’ve decided I don’t want to have actual children, this is my offering to the world – the spirit that I’m going to leave behind as my legacy. 


And just like having an actual baby, it was a decision I made with my heart instead of my head. I figured it would be expensive.  I didn’t really know how to go about it, and there are no books or classes that can prepare you for every single thing that can go wrong.  But I knew it was right.  And even though it wasn’t going to be Pulitzer material, I was meant to share my story with the world.  (Even if the world was a little put off by my insistence on referring to Pope Benedict as “Pope Benny and the Jets.”  I blame my Catholic upbringing for the strangest stuff in my book.)


Now that my book is published and for sale at Amazon (Order now! Makes a great stocking stuffer!), it’s time to sit back, sort through the aftermath, and figure out just how I managed to do this in the first place.  Continue reading Jennifer Layton: Publishing Your Book, Part I

Sneak Peek: Publishing A Book

This is just a little blurb to let you know that Joe and I will be featuring a guest blogger: Jennifer Layton. She will talk about her experience with self-publishing a book through Amazon and give juicy details on the process.

Jennifer is the Assistant Editor and Coordinator for Indie-Music.com, and she has just published her first book, “Trap Door Confessional,” a collection of humor essays. She’ll have plenty to share with FZ readers, so look for her musings in the days to come….