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Darren Rowse Says “Make It Bite-Sized”


Doesn’t that massive plate of Korean food look yummy? But there’s no way you could possibly get through all that food at once, which is why there’s a handy bowl of rice at each place setting. It helps keep the meal in perspective and forces you to eat like a civilized person–a few small bites at a time from the rice bowl.

Ingenious, eh? You recognize when you’re getting full much sooner when you’re stopping and starting as opposed to one continuous shovel-fest.

What’s all that got to do with freelance jobs, making money online and earning a living from your writing? Continue reading Darren Rowse Says “Make It Bite-Sized”

Negotiating Freelance Rates for 2009

freelance-writing-advice-3An interesting article at FreelanceWriting.com includes this quote:

“Many individuals who lack writing skills drive down rates, way below what professional writers can rightfully charge. If the true professionals do not keep up their prices, this will become an even bigger problem. Just because writers from other countries want to work for eight or nine American dollars per hour, this doesn’t mean you should.”

That by Brian Scott, who in the same article advises writers to list their rates on a website and collect a retainer up front. I disagree with both of these suggestions for two reasons. I never list my rates on my website–it prevents me from being flexible with small clients who work on limited budgets. Let’s say you find a non-profit you believe in and want to cut them a break–listing your rates up front could scare them away before they even get in touch. In theory, you’re also committed to those rates regardless of how labor-intensive the project winds up being. Continue reading Negotiating Freelance Rates for 2009