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10 Ways to Market Your Blog

So you took my advice from last time; you added transparent and honest content, are working one feature at a time until they shine, did some cross-linking with your fellow freelancer sites and have something to say. What’s the next step in making your blog an attention-getter?

Try these ten steps to promote your blog, make yourself more visible on the web and get yourself some exposure. As always, there are plenty of blogs who break these rules, disregard the advice or just plain don’t follow the pack. The successful blogs obviously found something that works. Until you locate your own magic bullet, these tactics will help you enormously:

10. USE KEYWORDS. Folks, if you aren’t optimizing your headlines, inserting freelance-friendly keywords as tags and giving Google every possible chance to latch on to your blog posts, you’re cheating yourself out of some traffic. No, you might not be indexed by Google very quickly in the beginning, but Google-friendly headlines, tags and blog content will help you get there.

9. SUBMIT YOUR BLOG. There are plenty of web directories, local blog link lists and search engine submission forms. Use them all.

8. INVITE GUEST BLOGGERS. Anyone you have on as a guest blogger will (or SHOULD) direct their own readers to check out the post on your blog. Guest blogging is a great way to increase visibility. Most bloggers spend time trying to get on other people’s blogs as a guest…but the reverse is an effective tool, too.

7. LINK LOVE. Tell the world about your favorite and most helpful blog reading, and drop the creators of those blogs to let them know you’ve blogged about them. Spread the love, but spread the NEWS about it, too. Continue reading 10 Ways to Market Your Blog