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Blogger Beware

freelance-writing-advice-3Newcomers to the wacky world of blogs and making money from them have their work cut out for them. You’ll find plenty of land mines to trip you up, including seriously outdated advice that can get you banned from Google Adsense.

When you go tramping about in the scrunchy undergrowth of making money online, you’ll find an army of shady information products hawkers who want to sell you paper-thin e-books that supposedly reveal the secrets of making money via Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and other tools. There are a lot of sites that, while marginally active, never bothered to remove their old content–content that tells you to do things that are in clear violation of the updated terms of service for Google and elsewhere. Continue reading Blogger Beware

Google AdSense Merges With Google Analytics

Darren Rowse reports Google is combining Goolge Analytics data with Google AdSense stats. This means a great deal to bloggers running AdSense campaigns; you can track ad effectiveness using the power of GA. It’s not happening all at once, Rowse says the rollout is being phased in and publishers who have access the new combination will find an invitation waiting for them in the AdSense admin section. If you are a blogger interested in Google AdSense or are just getting started, this development won’t mean much to you…yet. Once you discover how powerful these two features are when combined, you will learn a great deal.

Google Analytics 101 for Bloggers: What’s a Bounce Rate?

If you have a writing resume site, freelance blog, or any other kind of online destination, you owe it to yourself to install Google Analytics to properly track and measure your success on the web.

Once you’ve got Google Analytics up and running, one of the first things you will notice is a statistic called the Bounce Rate. For seasoned bloggers, this is a very well-known term, but if you are just getting started, the Bounce Rate is something you need to get literate on, with speed. Aren’t you glad we’re here to help? I’ll try to wipe the self-satisfied grin off my face.

The Bounce Rate in GA is used to identify how long your visitors actually stay on your website. This metric is probably the only one you can rely on as an across-the-board way to view how well you do on the web. Why? It’s simple. Bounce rate determines what some call the “customer experience”. If you land on a website and see that it’s not what you wanted and leave quickly, you’ve BOUNCED. Continue reading Google Analytics 101 for Bloggers: What’s a Bounce Rate?

Buy Internet

Most of our non-Chicago readers might think we’re blowing things a bit out of proportion, but there’s a sales tax controversey here in Chi-town over leglislation that would make sales tax in Cook County (where Freelance-Zone.com is based) one of the highest in the U.S. if not the world.

I’ve long been a proponent of buying online, especially if you are buying from a big-box retailer. I do spend my local dollars on small mom-and-pop outfits whenever possible but it’s not a political act for me so I don’t beat myself up if I buy a Starbucks latte when the local hangouts are full. That’s just silly, and besides–competition is a good thing. It’s just too bad the Bucks is quite inferior to my local–and often full–favorites.

Continue reading Buy Internet