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External Hard Drives: The Freelancer’s Friend

The external hard drive pictured here is the Lacie One Terrabyte Big Disk Extreme. It’s what’s known as a RAID drive, which means nothing to those who use their computers only for word processing and games; for those who edit images, audio and video it means a great deal. RAID drives are optimized for high-performance multimedia work, and freelancers who don’t limit themselves to the printed page should seriously consider switching to a RAID drive instead of simply using any old external drive.

Still scratching your head as to why you should spend $224.99 on one of these? Again, if you aren’t a multimedia freelancer you probably don’t need a RAID, but if you are tempted to move into audio, digital photography and video to enhance your paychecks, here are some compelling reasons:

1. Auto-backup. This particular RAID drive is configured to be redundant in case of data loss. For some freelancers, this is a good argument for investing the bucks even if you don’t do anything but write. If you write large volumes–such as a novel or textbook–the redundancy could save you in case the worst happens. Continue reading External Hard Drives: The Freelancer’s Friend