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Healthcare Basics

kaiserby Catherine L. Tully

If you are scratching your head when it comes to what is going on with healthcare in the US right now, you are not alone. Until things settle down enough for us to catch up and hear more about what this means for us, here are some basics for consumers that will help you get some of the details cleared up.

Bookmark this site for future reference–it is a pretty good one in terms of finding information on everything from healthcare reform to Medicare and Medicaid. Once things get a bit more clear, we’ll see if we can’t post something specifically geared for the freelance writer.

The Best Advice For Freelance Writers

pointby Catherine L. Tully

What is the best advice you have ever received as a freelance writer? I can think of several good nuggets of wisdom I have heard over the years, and I’ll share a few here…but I’d like to do something else as well…

If you read this post today, take one minute–just one minute–to pass along a piece of advice that has helped you. Fair enough? Here goes:

  • Don’t give up easy. Simple, but huge for a freelancer. You can’t take things personally in this career field. I’ve learned this lesson well and I’m one tenacious lady these days. Keep on swingin’!
  • Be true to your own inner voice. Don’t try to write like someone else. Even if you think they sound much cooler than you. Being true to your voice as a writer will help you to shine, get work and polish your style.
  • Make things easy for your editor. This is so huge. So huge. If you are a fair writer but take good care of the editor and anticipate things they may need, you’ll get more work than if you are a brilliant writer who doesn’t. And yes–it really is that simple. So the next time you get an assignment, hunt down some photo options, offer an optional sidebar and get the piece in a day or two early. Then, watch the magic happen.

Ok…now it’s your turn…the best advice you’ve heard as a freelance writer…what is it?

Why Experienced Writers Don’t Allow Interviewees to Review Their Work

find freelance jobs background checkA lot of less-experienced writers make a common mistake–they offer to let an interviewee see their article before submitting it to the editor. This isn’t just bad form (I’ll explain in a moment why), it can make you blow your deadline.

Inexperienced writers who give in to an interviewee’s request to see the article give themselves away as being inexperienced. People used to dealing with the media know very well that we do NOT turn our work over to non-writers to be edited for any reason.

Invariably, the work you turn in to these wanna-be editors comes back horribly mangled–bad grammar, self-serving re-writes, bad copy all around. You will NEVER get good things back from one of these misguided attempts at “accuracy”. Continue reading Why Experienced Writers Don’t Allow Interviewees to Review Their Work

Writer Jobs for Tuesday September 8 2009

get freelance jobs

Here are the latest writing jobs…brace yourself for tons of specialty writing. What’s that? You aren’t specializing yet? Maybe this list will change your mind…

KForce Staffing wants a technical writer to apply for a Pittsburg, PA gig. Best advice when applying for a writing gig through a staffing agency–ask up front whether there is any kind of fee you must pay for landing the gig. Some agencies charge you, some don’t. Ask first.

EmployedOnline advertises a position for a cell phone writer/reviewer. This one is morning hours only and involves looking for headlines on cell phone topics. You may also have a chance to cover trade shows and industry conventions.
Continue reading Writer Jobs for Tuesday September 8 2009

Labor Day For The Writer

shuttleby Catherine L. Tully

As a freelance writer, holidays are usually a bit atypical. For example, I will be working this Labor Day. I work a little bit on most holidays, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas. That said, I want you to know that I also totally blew off the last two days. I did nothing. Zoned. Spaced out. Watched television.

Sometimes the fact of the matter is–you need a break. Don’t get trapped into thinking you can’t take one just because you are working for yourself. You need to do it from time to time so you don’t burn out. Most of us work at a frantic pace, and it can be very hard to sustain.

If you are feeling a little fried, my advice to you is this: get caught up on those things you have to complete and then go have some fun. Catch a sunset. Take a drive. See a movie.

After all…the boss is usually pretty cool about stuff like that.

Full Time Freelance

by Catherine L. Tully

freelance life

Everyone has different opinions on the best way to go full-time as a freelance writer. Some say jump right in and hammer away, while many people advise a more careful approach of starting out part-time and then gradually switching over.

But this post isn’t about that. It’s about the things you need to have to go full-time freelance. In my opinion, if you are going to take the plunge, you can’t do without these…. Continue reading Full Time Freelance