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Freelance Advice From Around The Web

globeby Catherine L. Tully

Lately I’ve run across some great pieces on the Web that I’d like to share with you today. These resources range from tax advice for freelancers to cutting-edge writing advice. Here you go!

From Freelance Switch – 6 Apps for Freelancing on an iPad

An older post–but a really solid one, from The Writer’s Technology Companion on How to Write Fast

Write to Done has a good piece on How to Use Vivid Descriptions to Capture Attention

Read the advice on Graphic Design Degree.com regarding Taxes for Freelancers: 20 Deductions You Should Be Taking And How

Have you found a helpful post lately you’d like to share with fellow freelancers? Pop a link into the comments section. It’s good karma.

Freelance Radio–Podcasts





by Catherine L. Tully

Just a quick resource post today for those of you out there who like listening to podcasts…

Freelance Switch has a whole bunch of great podcasts to offer through “Freelance Radio”. I love listening to these while I’m working out or walking. They are a great way to keep up with career-related information without doing more reading on your computer screen. Give your eyes a break and take a listen…

The Freelance Feed

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by Catherine L. Tully


OK. I have a small confession to make. I stink at keeping up with blogs via an RSS feed. I’m simply no good at it, and I hate adding it all the time. I know it is supposed to make my life easier, and I appreciate that, but it just doesn’t work well for me.

Enter “The Freelance Feed“. This handy little resource is an aggregator that features hand-picked, quality freelance resources and gives you everything on one page–including the titles of some of the latest posts on the site. You can have this e-mailed to you or even set it as your home page. I’m loving this resource!


The site was launched in 2009 by Grace Smith, who is a freelance designer from Northern Ireland. Among the sites you will find listed in the “General” category are Freelance Switch, Freelance Folder, Guerrilla Freelancing, Seth Godin and Freelancer Magazine. (We’re in it too–that’s how we found the site!)

Don’t miss out–get everything in one place. It’s a great way to keep up on your favorite sites and take the pulse of the freelance industry at a glance. Thanks Grace!

This post was sponsored by FiledBy – where authors can claim their free website and build their online marketing platform.