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Writing Goals for 2010

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by Joe Wallace

Have you started setting goals for the new year? Catherine and I have started the brainstorming process and we’re hoping you’re doing the same. If there’s one thing new freelancers should learn early in the career, it’s to treat your writing like a business–and that means creating a business plan, setting goals and getting organized.

It’s a lot to consider, but there’s a way to break through the inertia you might feel when facing the sheer volume of work you need to do to make the new year as productive as it can be. Start by making a simple list of four areas you want to improve or build upon in 2010. For example:

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Kaizen for Freelancers

iBook_plastic_letters_floatby Joe Wallace

I was reading an interview at FreelanceSwitch and stumbled across a word I haven’t seen used in ages. Kaizen is a Japanese word (and concept) imported to the west by management types. The term basically translates as “improvement” but is used in context as “continuous improvement”.

It’s tied to a philosophy–you never stop learning ways to improve your business, and never stop looking for ways to make it more efficient.

Do you use kaizen in your freelance routine?

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Freelance Gear: Are Your Assets Protected?

how to write an invoiceThursday Bram wrote a good article about preparing a freelance business plan. Freelancing is just as much a business as any bricks and mortar storefront, and the sooner writers, coders, graphic designers and other freelancers recognize that fact, the quicker they can start protecting that business properly.

One thing I’d add to the Bram article is something many freelancers overlook–insurance. Not health insurance, which is very important, but business insurance, renter’s insurance, or any other coverage that protects your most valuable assets related to getting the job done.

Freelancers often take their gear and office space for granted, but do a quick tally on the dollar amounts you have invested in your gear. Even if you only have $5K invested in a laptop computer, router, mobile internet card, camera, voice recorder, printer, etc…can you really afford to lay out five grand to replace it all? What about when you transport this stuff in your vehicle? Continue reading Freelance Gear: Are Your Assets Protected?