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Freelance Travel–Beware The “Gotcha” Clause

Vinyl Road Rage 2 on the road

by Joe Wallace

I am still freelancing on the road–I’m filing reports this week from all over the place. Yesterday was New York, today it’s Pittsburgh, tomorrow, who knows? It all depends on the road and how good it is to me. Today I had trouble getting my clients their daily dose of freelance deliverables because of another unexpected wrinkle–did you know Starbucks in those truck driver rest stop areas don’t always carry wi-fi? I thought the whole idea behind the success of Starbucks was standardization…but apparently not.

All was well that ended well, as I managed to meet my deadlines by stopping off in a local bar and grill in Pittsburgh before time ran out, but there’s another assumption that’s not safe to make as a road warrior–even the most (recently) dependable sources of free wi-fi can’t be depended upon for one reason or another.

But there’s a much more important issue I want to discuss today–the detestable business practice known as the “gotcha” fee. What’s a gotcha fee? Glad you asked… Continue reading Freelance Travel–Beware The “Gotcha” Clause

Darren Rowse Says “Make It Bite-Sized”


Doesn’t that massive plate of Korean food look yummy? But there’s no way you could possibly get through all that food at once, which is why there’s a handy bowl of rice at each place setting. It helps keep the meal in perspective and forces you to eat like a civilized person–a few small bites at a time from the rice bowl.

Ingenious, eh? You recognize when you’re getting full much sooner when you’re stopping and starting as opposed to one continuous shovel-fest.

What’s all that got to do with freelance jobs, making money online and earning a living from your writing? Continue reading Darren Rowse Says “Make It Bite-Sized”