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The Editors Rant & Rave: “It’s EASY To Be A Writer!”

by Joe Wallace & Catherine L. Tully

From time to time we’ll do a joint post here, each giving our 2 cents on a given topic. Here is our debut!


Newsstands, libraries and the internet are packed with writing-oriented publications. They offer tips and tricks for improving a writer’s chops, advice on how to land paying gigs in the industry and list the latest contests and fellowships. Some of these are worth the writer’s time and money. Others seem to encourage an unrealistic impression of what it is truly like to be a writer. You may have seen them–these magazines boldly exclaim “YOU can be a WRITER–TODAY!” and order the reader to start right away, illustrating how to keep diaries, create web logs and compile family histories.

This seems harmless on the surface, but for the implication that they hype is true–anyone is capable of being a writer. Magazine covers tell readers to start writing “TODAY”. But what does this really mean? Continue reading The Editors Rant & Rave: “It’s EASY To Be A Writer!”