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Need An Editor? We’ve Got Connections

Freelance book editorWe’ve had more than a few queries lately about freelance editing, editors, and where to find professional editing help from people who actually CARE about the written word. It’s tough out there for a book or script writer who needs an extra set of eyes on their work.

Since Freelance-Zone.com is dedicated to helping writers, it was probably a bit overdue that we’d offer to put people in touch with editing pros (transparency alert: ourselves included) who can help with a book project, scripts, and other written material–at good rates. So here we are, offering.

When Catherine and I started FZ back in 2003, we never thought about the possibility that we could use the site as a way to help freelancers by putting them in touch with essential services like editors. But the more you network in this business, the more you realize just what a help it can be putting the right two people together to their mutual benefit.

So we encourage anyone with a serious book, script or other written project who needs editing help to get in touch. We are professional editors ourselves, but we also have many other colleagues who would be happy to quote rates and offer services for serious, caring work on your project.

If you need a rate quote, a description of services, or want to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us for further information. You can contact us by clicking on the CONTACT US button or dropping us an e-mail to: editor (at) freelance-zone (dotcom).

–Joe Wallace