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Zoom H4 Handy Recorder & Sony Headphones


The Zoom H4 is a Freelance-Zone favorite. This is recorder is an affordable broadcast-quality unit that can record every format from .wav to MP3 in all sizes and quality settings. Need a mono 44.1 .wav track? Easy. How about an ultra-high quality MP3 audio file? 24 bit/96khz? YES.

Whether you just need audio to reference for a written article or need to get soundbites for FM, podcasting, film, or television, the Zoom H4 is the unit for you. It has built-in high-quality mics and pre-amps, and you can use any combination of mics you own with the handy XLR/unbalanced TRS inputs at the bottom of the unit. You can get 380 minutes of CD-quality recording time or more than 30 hours of record time in MP3 format with the included two-gigabyte SD card. 

The Sony stereo headphones that come with the Zoom H4 are comfortable, and great for field recording, podcasting, radio shows, anything a writer could possibly need headphones for. If you’re looking for a great combination of recorder and headphones, look no further. This is the one.

Buy the Zoom H4 complete with Sony Headphones and two-gig SD card for $379.00

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Zoom H2 Handy Recorder


The Zoom H2 Handy Recorder  is a simple, easy-to-use digital recorder custom designed for interviewing and on-location recording. The built-in mics are broadcast quality and even features a surround sound recording option. The Zoom H2 records to an SD card and has a USB port, letting you send audio files to your computer, or you can listen to the playback with headphones Best of all, it records to .wav or MP3 formats in a variety of quality settings–with a 4 gig SD card you can record two hours of audio at the highest .wav setting (96K) or a whopping 130+ hours of audio in MP3 format. A half-gig SD card is included, plus a USB cable and power supply. The H2 weighs only four ounces and uses two AA batteries. The Zoom H2 is perfect for interviews and podcasting, even as a budget location sound tool for indie documentaries or film projects.

Buy for $188.00