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Jennifer Layton: Publishing Your Book, Part II

Here is the second half of Jennifer Layton’s guest post about publishing her book……….enjoy! If you haven’t read part one yet, just scroll down to the next post to see where we left off…….


I don’t remember exactly when CreateSpace came into the picture.  I had been looking at some really good companies such as iUniverse.  But I didn’t have much money to put up front, and I didn’t want to handle the inventory.  My apartment is small enough without boxes of books everywhere that I have to sell myself. 


Then I was buying a birthday present for someone on Amazon, and I found a link that said, “Self-Publish With Us.”  I clicked on it and was amazed to discover that Amazon has two companies to help indie musicians, filmmakers, and writers like me:  CreateSpace and BookSurge.  After some research, I chose CreateSpace.

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