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The Most Interesting Thing at Wired.com Today

Wired.com’s article on Henry Blodget begins, “Henry Blodget has never gotten used to the chorus of hate that follows his every move.” Believe it or not, that is NOT the most interesting thing about this article, at least not when it comes to writing. No, the most interesting thing about this villified former finance industry scapegoat (Wired’s words, not mine) is what is reported about Blodget’s approach to his new blog.

“Blodget tells his team to think of the site as talk radio.” Unquote.

Now THAT, friends, is a fascinating idea. One that bears thinking about. You might just see that mentality starting to evolve here. Dispensing with the “article” format in favor of the more stream-of-consiousness talk radio approach has definite appeal, no? Even blog style itself–which itself is decidedly loose and informal–could get an overhaul with that kind of thinking.

Talk radio, eh? Nice one, Blodgett.