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Coffee Shops to Laptop Freelancers: You Suck

coffee shop wi fi access freelance laptopby Joe Wallace

A Gothamist report says more and more coffee shops are turning their noses up at laptop customers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a clear case of biting the hand that feeds you the money.

Granted, Gothamist was citing a Wall Street Journal piece aimed specifically at New York City coffee shops, but if this is a trend that catches on, I predict armies of annoyed, decaffeinating freelancers fleeing the coffee shops in favor of more friendly environs. And trust me, there are plenty of retailers willing to step in and take advantage of any blowback from coffee shop snobs who hate laptops.

Here’s a golden opportunity for Starbucks to get some of its own back. Open the floodgates and offer free wi-fi, plus some signage welcoming the terminally connected. The sign would say, “Your Home Away From Home: With Caffeine“.

Attention coffee shop corporate HQ–you can pay me for that one, it’s mine and copyrighted now. I’ll let you have it for 10K plus free beverages for life. In the meantime, doom on you, laptop-hating coffee shops…your days are numbered.