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Freelance Writer Bailout? Cash For Clunkers

cash for clunkers program

by Joe Wallace

It’s not specifically designed as a freelance writer bailout program, but the end result is the same–freelancers who need a new vehicle can get a nice price break thanks to President Obama’s new Cash For Clunkers program.

Officially it’s called CARS, the Car Allowance Rebate System. Under the program eligible buyers can qualify for up to$4,500 in government funds for trading in your old vehicle for one that has better gas mileage.

There are a few caveats. According to CARS.gov, the trade-in car must be less than 25 years old on the trade-in date and your trade-in must get 18 miles per gallon or less. The CARS rebate is only good for the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.

Those restrictions may put some buyers off, but the Cash For Clunkers program has inspired some auto manufacturers to go the extra mile to get customers in the door. You might be purchasing a car on a freelance writer’s budget, but when Chrysler offers matching funds to help offset the price, suddenly that new car or truck seems a lot more attainable. Under the Chrysler program eligible buyers would get a whopping $9000 off the sticker price.

The best part about Cash For Clunkers is that the customer doesn’t need to do anything but check with the dealer to see if their current vehicle qualifies. The car dealer must do all the registering under this program–your end comes at purchase time.

Freelance writers take note, now is the time to make that new car purchase if you’ve had your eye on one and have an eligible gas guzzler to trade in.