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Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites For Writers, 2010

writers-digest-101-best-sites-for-writersWe have a very happy announcement to make…

Freelance-Zone.com was chosen by Writer’s Digest as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers and we are featured in the May/June issue! We’d like to take a minute to thank all of the loyal readers who voted for us–we really appreciate it!

And thanks to Writer’s Digest for including us.

Be sure to check out the issue of WD for many great resources for writers, including FZ faves such as Grammar Girl, Absolute Write, MediaBistro, The Renegade Writer and Funds for Writers, among others.

(Every year I go through the list and take a peek at everything…it’s a great way to connect with all the great stuff out there on the web! – Catherine)

Planning For 2010

roadby Catherine L. Tully

It may seem totally crazy to start thinking about 2010 now, but I know from experience that planning is key when it comes to getting ready for the next business year. For many freelance writers, the slow season is coming, and there is no better way to get through it than by making good use of the time.

From Thanksgiving until just after the Superbowl, things usually get a bit quiet. People are vacationing, spending time with family and generally not “on”. (Yes, even editors!) This means queries sit, magazines work ahead and the money comes in a lot more slowly.

While you can’t see what is coming up in the New Year, you can take the time to do the following:

+ Set goals for 2010

+ Clean and organize your workstation

+ Create a list of query ideas

+ Check and see what articles you may be able to re-slant and re-sell in the coming months

+ Look for new markets

The slow season doesn’t have to mean that you don’t get anything done, and goal planning is truly essential to your career as a freelance writer. Get geared up to get things done instead of being discouraged that you aren’t working as much as usual. (Oh–and have a little fun too!)