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Looking for a freelance writing gig? Need a freelance editing job? Are you into a freelance photography, web editing, or graphic design gig? Check out this set of real-time, live freelance job feeds from, or search for freelance writing gigs using the Google Custom Search tool. (Scroll past the first feed to find freelance writing-only jobs. The first feed is an all-freelance version.) Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out our links to freelance job boards–including a sweet resource or two you might not know about yet.


If you can’t find the freelance job you need for in one of these feeds, try checking out this list of freelance job resources from some of our favorite sites.

Darren Rowse and have been at it for quite some time, and the day Rowse added the blogging jobs section there was much rejoicing. We’re fans.

Transparency time–just because we like Freelance Folder doesn’t mean we’re familiar with its job board or can vouch for the quality of the gigs found there (we’ve never used it) but Freelance Folder is a regular destination for us. The board is at least worth a look if you’re in the market for a freelance gig.

Freelance Writing gigs aren’t the only thing you’ll find in the Freelance Switch Jobs section, but you can definitely find writing positions and opportunities there.

Journalism Jobs isn’t strictly about freelance opportunities, but there are writing gigs aplenty there and it’s a solid resource for the dedicated writing job seeker. The bar is quite a bit higher here–many positions require degrees, journalism experience, and technical know-how around camera gear and editing equipment. Journo pros, this one’s for you.

Creative placement agencies aren’t easy to get into for some, but from experience we like Artisan Talent for a variety of reasons. The standards are high, but so is the pay compared to the content mills and such. If you’ve got some history in the game and a strong writing resume, give Artisan a try.

The freelance opportunities at Authentic Jobs are wildly diverse, and not many cater to writers, but consider this an under-exploited resource. You WILL find the occasional writing job nobody else is flocking to and that might be just the ticket. If you’re tired of dealing with the rush of the sweaty masses to Craigslist and elsewhere, search this job board for writing gigs and consider yourself lucky you’re one of the few–for now.

We haven’t used this job board, but there is a large number of freelance jobs you can search for at Min’s Media Freelance Jobs. There’s a quite impressive number of gigs overall here, but be sure to do a search on more terms than just “writer”.

Get Freelance Writing Jobs is another resource you can check out on the web. They send a weekly job listing to your inbox if you sign up for it.

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