Seasons of Change

By Amanda Smyth Connor1309285_autumn_leaves

As the seasons change, you need to change too. Adapting to changing seasons is a great opportunity for you to evaluate your day-to-day routine.

Whether you work in an office or work from home, it’s important for you to evaluate your work routine and daily routine. It’s so easy to fall into a routine that leaves you in a rut that you then see reflected in your writing, and it’s even easier to start feeling seasonal depression this time of year. The amount of sun you’re getting is decreasing, the days are getting shorter, and being cooped up in the house for months on end doesn’t sound exciting.  Since the weather is turning a bit chillier/rainier, what better time than now to switch up your routine to combat that rut we all seem to fall into during the colder months.

Start by evaluating your daily schedule. Are you following the same daily routine day-in and day-out? Why not switch your whole schedule around. Something as simple as hitting the gym in the morning instead of at night can make your whole life seem a little newer and a little fresher. Do you do most of your writing during the day? Switch it up. Soak up those last rays of golden sun during the day and do your writing in the early evening. What once was old is new again.

Take a hard look at your office/workspace. Can you refresh your environment? Rearranging your desk (near the window for more sun) or reorganizing your workspace can re-energize you and make you more excited about your “new” environment. A little fresh paint and a newly organized bookshelf never hurt anyone.

Little changes in your routine and habitat can make a big difference down the road during the winter doldrums. Make little changes now while you still have some leftover summer energy coursing through your veins!

Amanda Smyth Connor is a SEMPO-certified SEO specialist, has managed online communities and nationwide marketing campaigns for several start-up and  Fortune 500 companies, and has been an editor for more years than she can remember. She also runs her own wedding planning company, Hummingbird Bridal and Events, throughout the northeast.

3 thoughts on “Seasons of Change”

  1. Ah, see, the challenges are different here in Arizona — now that we’re into our gorgeous fall weather, the outdoors are my biggest distraction! Summer is when I get the cooped-up feeling.

    But point taken about re-organizing the workspace. We just moved and half of my stuff is still in boxes and/or unfiled.

  2. Excellent point, Jake! Some people find their mojo in the fall. In that case, embrace that energy and make those much needed changes to your environment. The new energy in your workplace and routine will most certainly be reflected in your writing.

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