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One Stop Ad Shopping! now has convenient one-stop shopping for ad space.

If you want to purchase ad space on our premium header slot at the top of the page, a 200×200 ad or one of our handy foursquare ads, this is the way to do it.

It’s very simple–click the “Buy Now” button on the ad type of your choice, and you’ll be prompted to pay and be told where to send your ad materials. If you have questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch-email us: editor(@)freelance-zone (dotcom).

Premium Header Ad–Top of Page 486 x 60. This is the most visible ad slot on the site–readers see this ad before anything else. Price and terms: $250 for a three-month campaign.


200 x 200 Ads — Large ads in the center (or right) column. Very visible, especially if you submit animated .gifs for additional eye-catching detail. Price and terms: $180 for a three-month campaign.


125 x 125 Ads — Our most popular ad! These fun, easy-to-read ads are perfect for budget-minded operations and those who want to experiment with something small before launching into a larger or more involved ad campaign. These ads get clicks! Price and terms: $130 for a three-month campaign.

________________ has several other options for sponsors and advertisers. We’d be happy to send you a rate card for the following services:

  • Image ads 125 x 125 to 250 x 250 combined with Twitter promotion
  • Premium ad space (Our topmost banner ad slot 468 x 60) w/Twitter
  • Writers Groups By State ad space
  • Business, Gear, Advice, Travel and other site category sponsorships
  • Giveaways, contests and other promotional events
  • Writers Programs by State ad space. Featured programs are more prominently listed than our standard Writing Programs By State entries and include a 200×200 ad with a link to your writing program page on the web. Featured writing programs are listed on a quarterly basis.

Our rates are reasonable, small-business friendly, and feature commitments as low as three-month campaigns.

Please send an e-mail to editor (at) freelance-zone (dot) com for more information, or to get a copy of our rate card.

If you’re simply more comfortable dealing with a live person–we’re happy to do that too. Drop us a line with your contact info and we’ll be in touch!

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