Lo-Cal Snacks For The Writer

by Catherine L. Tully

laughing cowDo you sit a lot? Find the weight creeping on – even though you try to get a walk in now and then?

Let’s face it. Writing isn’t exactly a recipe for losing those pounds. Research, writing and revising take time, and that time is spent in a chair. This means less exercise, and ultimately, a diet reality check.

Even so, there are some healthy snacks you can indulge in that won’t add up to a big gain in girth. Here are my go-to faves. Feel free to share yours in the comments section. I’d love to find a few new ones!

  • Microwave popcorn. Get the 100 calorie bags and use spray butter. It’s delicious. And popcorn is a whole grain. Seriously.
  • Blueberries. Full of antioxidants and darn tasty too. You can eat a whole lot of these without adding up to anything calorie-wise.
  • Cucumber tomato salad. Chop each veggie and add Paul Newman’s Light Balsamic Vinaigrette. Simply delicious!
  • Laughing Cow cheese. It’s not funny. It’s true! This stuff is tasty and not too crazy calorie-wise for cheese. Spread on a few crackers and it will hold you for a while.
  • Coke Zero. This is so much better than diet Coke. Try it with a big slice of lemon and see if it doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth for a while. You’ll see…

OK writers…what do you have for me? 🙂