4 Smart Budget Tips For The Writer

by Catherine L. Tully

dollarFreelance writing careers tend to have lean periods–especially when you are first starting out as a writer. Making every dollar count is something that you tend to get good at when you begin your career…

That said, there are some smart tips I can share that may be helpful for those who are on a tight budget–after all, I’ve been there too! Try some of these money-saving strategies on for size–and save!

  • Budget your cafe time. Most writers like to get out a bit and write, but this can add up quickly if you aren’t careful. Take a good look at your finances and budget out a set amount that you’ll spend at the coffee shop/cafe, etc. Then, if possible, buy a gift card for that place so that you don’t spend more than you should. It’s a good way to stay within your budgeted amount. When the card is empty–you don’t go out any more that week!
  • Walk. Sitting at a desk all day can add up to additional weight gain. Combine this with the fact that you spend money on gas when you use your car (and it’s not cheap!) and walking makes all the sense in the world! Walk to the post office, to do other errands, and anywhere else you can. Or bike if you prefer.
  • Save loose change. Keep a jar on your desk for loose change. I know it sounds silly, but this can really be a great way to get an extra few bucks together. I have a friend who picks up pennies/dimes/nickles everywhere she goes outside and she gets quite a few things that way that she wouldn’t otherwise splurge on. You won’t be taking vacations–but you might be able to spring for a new notebook or some computer wipes. It all adds up!
  • Buy in bulk. This isn’t blanket advice, but for certain items it totally makes sense. For example, I use a ton of paper for printing. If I bought the packet at my local convenience store, it would cost me a fortune. If I buy the big box at a “big box” store, I’ll save a ton of money on it. Don’t need all that paper at once? Split the cost with another writer and you’ll both save.

Do you have any good budgeting tips to share? If so, leave us a comment!