Write like Freddy Krueger (free-webinar on Thursday)

by Diane Holmes, Marketing-Zone: Marketing Yourself and Your Book, founder of Pitch University.

–>  If you want to learn more about marketing, if you want to learn to write faster, this column is for you.


As a professional writer, my idea of a good time is learning more about the craft-of-writing.  I am a class junkie.

(Anyone else hear the word “vacation” and think, “Oh, a writers’ conference!”? Yeah, it’s kinda sad.)

In fact, I filter everything I read, watch, or vaguely overhear by sheer accident (or good fortune) through my writing-techniques filter.  (You know you’re a writer when everyday life gets evaluated against the criteria of “original storytelling” or “research for an article series.”)

So, when I heard about Danny Iny’s new course called “Write Like Freddy Krueger,” I dropped what I was doing (I call this “procrastination for good”), and checked out his new program.

The Good Stuff

Let me just give you the no-cost webinar details up front.

Danny is running a free webinar tomorrow so you can learn more about his Freddy program: Thursday, March 29 @ 3pm EST

Sign up now, I’ll wait.

Excellent.  See you there.

“Without Having To Be a Great Writer”

Why would great (a.k.a professional) writers listen to a webinar or take a course designed for people who aren’t “great writers”?

That, my friend, is a very good question.

Answer #1  Danny’s expertise is marketing. 

You have a chance to learn more about writing for the Internet in ways that will enhance and market your, ahem, professional writing.

Answer #2  Danny promises to talk about writing strategically *and* writing fast.   

Being focused on the right things and “laying it down” are the very best companions to quality writing, career building, and keeping clients happy. 

Juicy Details

I met Danny Iny in Corbett Barr’s (of ThinkTraffic) 4-month, expert class on building your website and traffic.  At the time, Danny was creating his new website (as co-founder) called Firepole Marketing.

Love that name, don’t you?

Anyway,  I’ve kinda kept up with him, because  I’m a marketing-geek and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. (I’m building my own world of nice guys who finish first.  Come be on my planet.)

So here, then, is Danny’s Official Freddy Curriculum:

(I love the items that are focused on making sure you’ll be a success before you write, writing fast, and then getting the most mileage out of it, after the fact.)

  • How to find the very best places to publish your posts (to get tons of traffic, build a great reputation, and make lots of sales)
  • What the three criteria are for deciding whether to post on a blog, or whether you’re better off not wasting your time
  • How to come up with a winning angle for your post, every single time (even if it’s your first time writing for a new audience!)
  • How to know that your posts will perform well and be shared, before you write a single word
  • How to write guest post proposals that will get accepted on major authority blogs, even if you don’t have a relationship with the blog owner
  • How to choose a headline that will make people read your post – even if you aren’t a writer!
  • How to outline an entire post in less than 10 minutes (this is the same process that I use on ALL of my posts)
  • How to make sure that you don’t run out of ideas, and your posts are always “meaty” and full of great content and information
  • How to write posts that makes people want to print them out and put them on their walls! (that’s the best compliment a blogger or writer can get, and you’ll get it a lot!)
  • How to control when a post will be published on somebody else’s blog (and stay out of the limbo of not knowing when or whether your post will be published)
  • What steps to take after your post has been published to get waaaay more mileage out of it (it amazes me that nobody thinks to do this!)
  • How to get extra SEO “link juice” out of your guest posts on authority blogs
  • How your guest posts can help you build relationships with the entire blogosphere (without having to write a ton of posts!)

More Info on Danny:

Danny Iny (@DannyIny)

The Freddy Krueger of Blogging

Author of Engagement from Scratch!

Instructor on how to get more cash from any business, website, or blog.

And entrepreneur who never wants to grow up!

Plus, he wrote 14 posts and 17,481 words in 6 days.


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Diane writes two columns for Freelance-Zone: Fiction-Zone: Leaps in Fiction Mastery and Marketing-Zone:Marketing-Zone: Marketing Yourself and Your Book.

She’s the Founder and Chief Alchemist of Pitch University.