The iPad Workflow

ipad_3by Catherine L. Tully

Well it finally happened. I got the new iPad. And I think it’s going to change my workflow.

What does that mean?

Well…for starters it makes me mega-portable. I have a great, small Dell laptop (XPS), but it’s still heavier than the iPad. And the battery is gone on it too. The iPad’s battery will last me more than my laptop did and then some. They say 10 hours. That’s four more hours than my Dell gives me. Impressive.

Also travel suddenly becomes easier. I can just tuck this little gem into my bag and go. Now that’s exciting…

I know I’ll need to add some things to make it fully functional for my lifestyle as a freelancer. For example–a keyboard is a must. I won’t be able to type on the screen for any length of time. Also I’ll need a case that can prop it up so I can use it on the go. Still, both seem like a small investment to make for the ultra-portability it will give me.

I’d like to toss it out there to readers…do any of you work on an iPad (or have you)? If so, what do you think? Am I doomed to be disappointed, or will I still be smiling ear to ear three months down the line…..

Do tell!