Calling Freelance Videographers

freelance videographers

by Joe Wallace

One area we haven’t covered much of on is the world of freelance videography. Many freelance video professionals offer writing services as well as video shooting, editing, location scouting, and much more. If you are a freelancer working in video, we’d love to hear from you.

Freelance video pros–especially those who work on scripts as well as behind the camera and editing decks–have many of the same issues and concerns as freelance writers and print editors. The ever-changing nature of the business, the move to online media as a viable career option apart from bricks-n-mortar operations, how digital affects value of services rendered and pay scales, and the growing pool of freelance competition…you name it.

Having worked in television for Air Force News Agency, and doing online media for plenty of clients and employers, to me the only real difference between my work with and for video-centric clients and other work I’ve done as a writer, editor, proofreader, and consultant is the physical and technological nature of the gigs. Video work is more physically demanding, but I find the creative processes move along the same lines–at least for me.

But for some reason, video freelancers seem to be less visible online–Googling the phrase “freelance video blogs” returns as many writers as videographers. That’s what prompted this mostly rambling blog post–I was searching for an old colleague of mine who was active as a freelance videographer for a time…but couldn’t locate him. And then the wheels started turning.

So fellow video folks, please come out of the woodwork and say hello here—I’d love to know what you’re up to as a freelancer and offer a guest post or two–we would love to get your perspective on life as a self-employed freelancer. Share your experiences with us!

Joe Wallace is a Chicago based editor, writer, freelance social media manager, and PR consultant with credits that include a 13-year career as a reporter and editor for Air Force News Agency. He also does social media management for, and has worked as a web editor for Motorola. While he currently does work in video occasionally for his own projects, he is only available at the present time for writing, editing, and social media assignments. Contact him for rates and other details by e-mail: jwallace(at) freelance-zone (dot) com.