Marketing is Funny Stuff

by Diane Holmes, Marketing-Zone: Marketing Yourself and Your Book, founder of Pitch University.

As a holiday gift for all our Freelance-Zone readers, I bring you the gift of laughter.  Yes, a gift about marketing and the challenges you face in marketing things destined for greatness (like your own writing).

You’re in good company.

Bob Newhart Tries to Market the New Game of Baseball

Bonus Fun:

I’d Love This Product Even If I Weren’t A Stealth Marketer (Awesome marketing fun by The Onion. Fav line: In stealth-marketing parlance, this is what is known as “roach baiting,” but I prefer to call it “the least I can do.”)

Marketing Contract Bridge (for the 3 of you out there who play Bridge)

If marketing emails could talk… (Dry, witty, must watch!  You’ll never get a sales email again that you don’t wish was narrated by this guy.)

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Diane writes two columns for Freelance-Zone: Fiction-Zone: Leaps in Fiction Mastery and Marketing-Zone:Marketing-Zone: Marketing Yourself and Your Book.

She’s the Founder and Chief Alchemist of Pitch University